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COVID-19: Cafe & Gallery

The Cafe & Gallery are temporally closed until further notice.

The NW7hub is still supporting the community through it's COVID-19 response:

COVID-19: Mill Hill Library

The Library is offering an adapted service due to COVID-19.

Please visit the Barnet website for more information:



020 8906 3125

Opening Hours

The Cafe & Gallery are temporally closed until further notice.
Read more on our COVID-19 support page.

Monday – Friday 9:45am-5pm


Please use the contact form below to contact the NW7hub. For Library enquiries please use the Mill Hill Partnership Library Contact Details.

Mill Hill Partnership Library


020 8359 3830

Opening Hours

The library is offering adapted services due to COVID-19. Read more on Barnet's website.

Wednesday 10am-1pm
Thursday 2pm-5pm



The Partnership Library and the NW7hub are both located in the Mill Hill Library Building on Hartley Avenue.

Mill Hill Library Building, Hartley Avenue, Mill Hill, London, NW7 2HX