About Us

The NW7hub is a charity based in Mill Hill, North West London. Created by a group of committed local residents, our aim is to create opportunities for meaningful social engagement and learning whilst supporting local organisations, businesses and developing a strong community presence.

The NW7hub was awarded the contract to run Mill Hill Partnership Library in 2017. We have developed Hub activities within the library building and are offering rooms for hire either in the library or beautiful community space. A variety of businesses are providing activities such as dance, fitness and art classes, as well as the community activities run but the NW7hub and Partnership library.

The Team

The NW7hub team consists of four Trustees, a group of dedicated volunteers and staff who are all working towards a vision to develop community hub for Mill Hill and the surrounding area.

The Trustees and project team collectively bring with them a wealth of relevant expertise and experience including project management, business operations and finance.

Members of the Trustee Board are Adam Morely (Chair), Paul Edwards, Victoria Doig and Nick Heather.

NW7hub & Library Manager Alice O’Neil and Manisha Abeyasinghe Food & Goods Bank Manager.

Our History

Our journey began in 2013 when a group of local people, experiencing  the loss of a well loved garden centre which unofficially fulfilled  a myriad of social needs  came together to look at an alternative means of supporting the community. Close to the garden centre was a council owned building. The group, under the auspices on the Mill Hill Residents Association applied to register the building as a community asset. This was successful. We began working with Barnet Council developing design concepts and in 2016 officially launched the NW7hub charity. In April 2017, the NW7hub opened Mill Hill Partnership Library and in September 2017  secured the remainder of the building to develop initiatives and activities for the community. Currently the team are also working on the new building design for Daws Lane and the fundraising strategy to bring the vision to life.

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