About us

The project team is a group of seven local people who have a passion to create the NW7hub in Daws Lane.
Collectively they bring with them a wealth of relevant expertise and experience including project management, community and property development, marketing and finance.

The team is led by Project Manager Christina Wong, who was involved in the restoration of St Paul's Church, Mill Hill and the creation of community facilities in the crypt.
The project is working under the umbrella of the Mill Hill Residents' Association and as such we are pleased to have Chair, Richard Logue, along with Association Treasurer Paul Edwards. Representatives from the Mill Hill Neighbourhood Forum Chair John Gillett and committee members Philip Morris, Councillor Sury Khatri and local resident and garden centre champion Zoe Samuelson complete the project team.

Our mission statement is to establish and develop a vibrant centre which provides a genuine community focus and enhances the quality of the lives of those who engage with its social, well-being and economic initiatives.